How We Work!!!

Website is not just a combination of text and graphics based elements. It is something which shows all about your business. It is nowadays a highly used advertisement way to grow your business on internet all over the globe. So it must be modern and faultless both technically and visually (logo, Best User Experience, Easy to understand etc).

Today, for most organizations it is not feasible to completely document their requirements due to time or other constraints, or else the requirements change frequently due to changing market conditions, customer feedback or the business model. For that reason, we are following specific development process through which requirement analysis, changes and development can be done easily.

Here, below are glance of some high level steps which we are following to give our customers best approach.

Requirement Analysis

For any successful development, Analysis is the foremost required step. We do research of your business, your current website if you have any, and prepares a list of questions to learn the important details necessary for web development. We believe that “Success is guaranteed only if Client works collaboratively with us during the whole process of this stage.”

During the analysis process, we are documenting each and every single detail and share with you so that you can have all the details of your system process regarding each and every module. Sometimes when necessary we are also creating mock-ups for the initial design.

UX Design

Once we complete analysis phase and have clear vision of your requirement, we then aim to design the best solution. We create template designs which suits best to your requirement and once you approve we start development process on them.

Development and Test

The next step is to program and completely test your application using industry standard development rules. At the stage of development the core of the website is being developed. Design and Development will be compatible to all latest browsers. Depending on a project we either do manual testing or perform automated testing using automated software to check load and stress performance.


From the client perspective, the project really begins with deployment of their custom software; possibly the most important aspect of the whole process. We take the most pride in proper installation, configuration and final performance. We can streamline your deployment process through Continuous Delivery.